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Time To Say Goodbye

This may come awfully sudden and a little ill-timed three episodes before the series finale, but I’m an avid advocate of instead of asking for fan service or endlessly complaint-dumping, to make conscious choices about what you want to keep consuming on television. And it’s now gotten to the point where I’m so unhappy with the writing choices made on The Good Doctor that I’m gonna call it quits.

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Season 5 Recap: 5×05 Crazytown (Hilarious Shred Version)


This is what I call the “Hilarious Shred Version” of my recap of Crazytown. I positively hated the episode the first time I watched it, and that very much reflects in this first version of the recap I wrote. I still don’t particularly like the episode now. But I got my act together and wrote a second, less acerbic (and also less hilarious) version of the recap that hopefully does the episode more justice. I will leave this version up for posterity, but it will not appear in the Episode Insights category. That said… enjoy the meme fest!

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