An advent calendar is a European tradition that counts down the days to Christmas in December. The German version classically has 24 “doors”, since per German tradition presents are usually exchanged on the evening of Dec 24th.

The 2022 Shea Advent Calendar was complicated by the fact that I was all geared up to do something with Shaun and Lea being parents to a healthy boy that I had named Finnian, but the last week of November ABC aired the season 6 episode Boys Don’t Cry in which Shaun and Lea learn that they may never be able to conceive a baby of their own.

This put a dent in my plans to introduce Finn Murphy to the world, but after some deliberation I decided to let people choose to be added to my Twitter Circle and see those little drabble snippets I had written, so I’m only tweeting them to a smaller audience for now with perhaps the opportunity to make them more public at a later time, depending on how and when the Shaun and Lea pregnancy story arc is going to progress.