• Season 6 Wishlist

    Season 6 Wishlist

    As summer is in full swing, we’re getting ever closer to season 6, and of course we’re all in anticipation of what it will bring. What kind of episode, character and season arcs can we expect, what is it that we’d like to to see for our favourite doctors and their loved ones? Take a […]

  • Season 5 in Review

    Season 5 in Review

    With the The Good Doctor’s 5th season now having come to a close, it’s time to look back at the season as a whole and see what was memorable, and maybe also what was not so memorable. I (TJ) will be doing this together with my fellow partners in crime Daniela (Da) and NiceNiceDevice (N3), […]

  • Season 5 Wishlist Analysis

    Season 5 Wishlist Analysis

    Back in September last year when we were still in anticipation of what season 5 would bring, you might remember I posted a season 5 wishlist. With Kelli just recently examining her and other fans’ (including me) wishlist, that reminded me it would be worth doing a brief analysis of which elements from the wishlist […]

  • Shaun’s Life Decisions Shirt

    Shaun’s Life Decisions Shirt

    I have touched on this in a previous episode recap, but I wanted to talk about Shaun’s important life decisions button-down and dig into this a little deeper.

  • Mismatched in Matrimony

    Mismatched in Matrimony

    Have you seen The Shaun Show and The Lea Show from season 5, and wondered what the final cut of Sophie’s reality TV show episode featuring Shaun and Lea would look like?

  • Season 5 Recap: 5×18 Sons

    Season 5 Recap: 5×18 Sons

    As apprehensive as I was about the finale, I am super glad that all my fears were swept aside with these 42 minutes of pure joy and love and heart-warming goodness. What a relief, and—the cliffhanger not withstanding—such a sweet and rewarding ending to a rather turbulent season.

  • Season 5 Recap: 5×17 The Lea Show

    Season 5 Recap: 5×17 The Lea Show

    Hmpf. I’m kinda bummed, because while somewhat enjoyable and entertaining to watch, this episode was just so… uninspired. I was hoping it would make up for what The Shaun Show lacked, and instead it was just more lacking, plus tropes galore, a not very cleverly recycled patient story, and predictable mediocrity. Did I mention tropes?

  • Season 5 Recap: 5×16 The Shaun Show

    Season 5 Recap: 5×16 The Shaun Show

    Okay, mixed feelings about this one. I thought it had potential to be major cringe, and thankfully it wasn’t that. On the first viewing, it gave me all the happy feels, but the more I think about it and discuss it with others, the more I feel they could have done so much better with […]

  • Season 5 Recap: 5×15 My Way

    Season 5 Recap: 5×15 My Way

    I will say that I didn’t like this episode much after the first viewing because it felt like the direction of where this was headed could be major cringe. However, I may have changed my mind in the meantime, because it could open up new and interesting avenues to explore. So I’m trying to keep […]

  • Season 5 Recap: 5×14 Potluck

    Season 5 Recap: 5×14 Potluck

    Oh man. They’re really pulling the comedy out of the bag mid-season, aren’t they? I honestly don’t really know how to feel about this one. Gave me a few good chuckles, but I’m not one for the in-your-face slapsticky comedy, so I thought Potluck was a bit too over the top and silly. But it […]

  • Patient Case Review: Dr. Alex Park

    Alex Park was an appendicitis patient in episode 5×14 Potluck.

  • Season 5 Recap: 5×13 Growing Pains

    Season 5 Recap: 5×13 Growing Pains

    I’d say more of a run-of-the-mill episode, this one. I’m tempted to say patient-of-the-week, even. Which isn’t necessarily bad, this episode went back to the show’s original roots—two patient cases interspersed with a bit of personal growth for the main characters, but nothing that really stood out in either a negative or positive way for […]