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Time To Say Goodbye

This may come awfully sudden and a little ill-timed three episodes before the series finale, but I’m an avid advocate of instead of asking for fan service or endlessly complaint-dumping, to make conscious choices about what you want to keep consuming on television. And it’s now gotten to the point where I’m so unhappy with the writing choices made on The Good Doctor that I’m gonna call it quits.

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Season 7 Commentary: 7×06 M.C.E.

I’m glad that I liked this episode considerably better than the last few, although I wouldn’t give it more than a solid 6/10. Okay, maybe a 6.5/10 if you twisted my arm to set aside my misgivings about season 7 as a whole. Despite some good emotional intensity, not an episode that will go into my all-time favourite top 10.

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Season 7 Commentary: 7×02 Skin In The Game

I’m not quite sure why Freddie Highmore said that season 7 was going to be “big”, because the first 20% of it that we’ve already seen hasn’t felt very big to me. This one was more on the mediocre side, although I will say that upon closer inspection, it had interesting nuances that you only see when you peel back the layers. All in all, a solid episode with some things I liked and some things I didn’t like quite as much.

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