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Season 6 Recap: 6×20 Blessed

Well, we were finally “blessed” with a resolution to the Glassman brain conundrum, not that I particularly love the outcome. But I like it more than what had been speculated before, so I’ll take this as a small win. Some good stuff in this episode overall. Oh, also: We’re getting a season 7!! Yay!!!! 🎉🥳🍾

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Season 6 Recap: 6×16 The Good Lawyer

Possibly not what most people wanna hear, but I have mixed feelings about this episode. I wanted to love it unconditionally, and all things considered I liked it a lot, but there were just so many reality check blunders that I found it too hard to fully suspend disbelief. Let’s hope they do better for subsequent episodes, hoping that we get them.

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