I’ve written a bunch of The Good Doctor stories by now, and I’m always looking for new Shaun or Shea-centric fanfics to write, and I’d love to hear more ideas from fans as to what they’d want to see written. Leave me a comment below to tell me all your favourite prompts, and I’ll see what I can do!


What I’ve already written

All my The Good Doctor stories are posted on AO3, some also on fanfiction.net. Here’s a more comprehensive list:

Bent, Not Broken

In the blink of an eye, Shaun’s life takes an unexpected turn. This is the story of how he and his closest friends and family deal with that and what that means for Shaun’s future, at the same time making new discoveries and friends along the way. Set between seasons 5 and 6 and compliant with season 5 canon.

Fault Line (co-written with Daniela)

When Lea posts something rather private on social media, it backfires in a way that neither she nor Shaun expected. Forced to deal with the unexpected consequences, Shaun has some decisions to make that reopen old wounds and have him revisit aspects of his past that he thought had lain to rest for good.

Every Demon Wants His Pound Of Flesh

Shaun’s journey navigating the changes of the Ethicure acquisition hasn’t been an easy one, and things come to a head when he’s being pushed into a corner by a culmination of unexpected events and challenges, both on a personal and professional level. This story continues where the season 5 winter finale (5×07 “Expired”) left off.

It’s Hard To Dance With A Devil On Your Back

A collection of little snippets, gap fillers and missing scenes that expand on Shaun’s ongoing journey during season 5.

Regrets Collect Like Old Friends

Surfacing memories and a patient’s personal story touch Shaun in unexpected ways. It’s a good thing he can lean on the support of friends and family as he works through it. (Set between seasons 4 and 5.)

It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

The many, many missing scenes to fill the gaps of how Lea and Shaun became a couple in between episodes 3×17 ‘Heartbreak’ and 4×01 ‘Frontline’. Requested by BygoneEra.

Flow Cytometry Saves The Day

Flu ridden and fever-addled Shaun is a handful to take care of. Lea tries to rise to the challenge, but Shaun won’t have it.

Ridin’ Down Rodeo In My Maserati Sports Car

Shaun is confused by song lyrics. Lea tries to enlighten him.

Leave You Standing In The Dark

The walk home after getting fired by Dr. Han is long and wet, and there’s an unsuspecting Lea waiting for Shaun at the apartment. Missing scene from post episode 2×17.

Antiseptic And Dryer Sheets

Shaun is irritable and just… off, and Lea can’t figure out why.


Another surge of COVID cases hits California, and Shaun is stretched thinner than he’d care to admit. Lea can only stand by and watch, and it’s not going well.

You Make Me More

A collection of short, random Shaun & Lea ficlets

Send me prompts!

If you wish to send my fanfic prompts to write, you can do so by e-mail or use this Google Form to submit your prompts.

What I’m happy to write

  • Canon-compliant stories that are either Shaun-centric or Shaun/Lea-centric (but can involve other canon characters as well)
  • Gap-filler or missing scene fics
  • Stories that revolve around relationships and friendship
  • Medical details or hospital stuff to a degree, I’m no stranger to medicine but not an actual MD
  • Angst and h/c are my go-tos if I’m being quite honest, but I’m fairly open to writing other things as well

What I won’t write

  • Explicit, NC-17 or kinky things
  • Anything that strays too much from canon and likely backstories
  • Real person fic (huge nope on this)
  • Author or reader-insert fics

Please note that English is not my native language, but I’ve been told my grasp of the language is pretty decent, and The Good Doctor is not my first foray into fan fiction (by a long shot).

Past Prompts

Prompt by BygoneEra on AO3

If there’s a request I would ask of you, it would be to write about the time between I LOVE YOU and FRONTLINE PART 1. How did Shea go from friends to BF/GF and how did they deal with the harsh and hurtful words spewed to each other in FIXATION and HEARTBREAK?

Status: Filled — “It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn”

Prompt by NiceNiceDevice on AO3

Since Shaun seems to have this recurring insecurity that seems to get triggered out every couple of years, now that Shaun and Lea are about to actually be a family, how about writing something where Shaun’s issues bubble up to the surface (maybe a patient who built a whole life only to end up alone eventually… and in Shaun’s eyes inevitably)

It would be interesting to see Lea being there for him and for them to have a talk about family past and future and how the past can effect the future. Plus I also really need someone to tell Shaun not all his big feelings are ASD. His condition gets blamed a lot for his poor coping skills, but I think being scared of rejection and abandonment also play a key part in how he functions (at least sometimes)

Status: Filled — “Regrets Collect Like Old Friends”

Prompt by JingaMinga on AO3

My idea for a fan fiction is maybe the filler episodes in Trampoline Season 2 Episodes 18 because there’s a lot a missing scenes.

Status: Open

Prompt by Thaís Santos on AO3

Could you describe the vision of him losing the baby [in 4×16], it would be interesting, or maybe even adding to the episode he yelled at Lea’s mother! The feelings were intense in both (Lea and Shaun).

Status: Open

Prompt by Jorg_from_the_Jungle on Reddit

Maybe it’s time to write a fanfic about what happened to Carly after 3×16. She left St. Bonaventure because it may be the best solution she found, for her and for Shaun. She is very young for the position of Head of Pathology, so other hospitals will always be interested. And in the past, Shaun mentioning Lea’s name in a discussion, Carly had drastic mood swings. I don’t think, even after the break-up, she would have had better reactions, seeing Lea or seeing them together.

Status: Open

Prompt by… me

In 5×03 Measure of Intelligence, Lea tells Morgan a blast from the past anecdote: “When I first moved in with Shaun, I convinced him to order an Atomic Wings, and I got terrible diarrhea. But Shaun prescribed the perfect mixture of Pepto and ginger root. It was disgusting, but I was also totally vulnerable, and that can be a turn-on, too. Not in the moment. Long-term.”

I kinda wanna flesh that out in fan fiction format. Let’s see…

Status: Open