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The Muffin Face Gallery

Throughout all of season 6, I’ve been doing this silly thing of compiling the best Shaun muffin face expressions for my episode recaps, and it’s time we had them all in once place.

Maybe just to explain what my definition of “muffin face” is. Every now and then, Shaun (or rather Freddie) tends to pull this sad pouty woe-is-me face whenever Shaun runs into a situation or outcome he’s not happy with. I think it’s cute and adorable and I call it the muffin face.

There sure were a lot of muffin faces in season 6, so let’s take a look at them in all their glory.


  1. rosana silva

    Shaun’s muffin face is very cute. Oh my God, I can’t handle how sweet he is <3

    • TeeJay

      It is, isn’t it? He’s so wholesome, even when he’s pouting.

      • Rosana Silva

        Yeah, he is adorable 🥰❤️😍

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