Moments Easily Missed highlights those subtle moments that happen between or beyond the dialogue — those moments you can easily miss if you don’t look closely enough.

Jake, Meet Shaun

Sometimes Shaun just makes me smile. And this is another prime example.

In episode 2×12 Aftermath, Lea introduces Shaun to her new boyfriend Jake. Shaun is obviously perturbed (read: ‘No, I hate all of this and I don’t want it.’), but because it’s Lea, he’s trying his very best to be polite and accommodating. He even shakes hands (which he often refuses to do with strangers).

But, there, did you see it? The way Shaun wipes his hand on his shirt after he shakes Jake’s hand? I just makes me chuckle, because it’s so very Shaun, and it says everything that he thinks about Jake and Lea’s choice of dating the guy.

We don’t know if this was scripted or just another great example of Freddie Highmore knowing exactly how to portray all the nuances of the character we’ve grown to love, but either way, it’s a beautiful little detail that deserves to be singled out.