Moments Easily Missed highlights those subtle moments that happen between or beyond the dialogue — those moments you can easily miss if you don’t look closely enough.

Socked Feet

Shaun and his socks. That’s a thing, right? He seems to like socks with patterns, which personally I think is always a great choice. Who wants boring unicoloured socks?

Interesting tidbit here in episode 1×18 More: Dr. Glassman shared the devastating news with Shaun that he has brain cancer, and immediately Shaun goes into problem solving mode — a little too excessively so. He starts digging into textbooks and medical journals to try and figure out in how many ways the diagnosis could be wrong or how to find a possible new treatment.

It culminates in a rather frantic exercise where Shaun takes over Glassman’s meeting room and turns it into a brain cancer think tank. And he seems to be doing it all without his shoes on.

Viewers with keen eyes will have noticed that Shaun always ever has socks on when he’s at home. So I think we can say with a certain level of certaintly that Shaun is not a slippers person.

So what is it about the shoes, or rather lack thereof? Is it a sensory thing, that Shaun can concentrate better when his feet are actually touching the floor? Is it a barrier he removes to be more grounded? It’s also been suggested that it may be a part of Sensory Modulation Disorder which individuals with ASD can have.

I’d love to hear more about the significance of the shoes embargo, beyond the fact we learned in season 3, that Shaun hates having sand or mud between his toes.